Withdrawal is Fading

I’m not quite a week into my 99 days without Facebook, but I’m already beginning to notice my dependence fading.

This morning, I stumbled out of bed and cooked blackberry pancakes for my children. My seven-year-old is home for her first day of summer vacation since she finished a local day camp program, and she has been begging me to make pancakes with some of the blackberries we have in abundance on our property. I usually hesitate to make pancakes. They aren’t my favorite breakfast food, and I swear I am the slowest pancake maker in the world. From getting out the mixing bowls to taking the final cake off the griddle, it took about an hour.

But, I cooked them for my kids, mostly because my older daughter is old enough that she is making memories. Do I want for her to look back someday and remember me saying “no” to things, over and over, or for her to remember the times I said “yes?”

They scarfed down breakfast and asked for seconds. As I refilled their plates, I thought to check my calendar for today… but where was my phone??

My phone was still on the charger, an hour after I awoke for the day – something that never would have happened if I were still obsessed with staying connected via social media.

Usually, my phone would be in my hand before my feet even hit the floor in the morning. I often spent ten minutes or more reading posts or status updates online before rolling out of bed.

But today, I didn’t give my phone a single thought. Instead, I fulfilled the wishes of my daughter and invested in the relationships of three little souls that have been entrusted to my care.

Totally worth it.