33 Days Into the Experiment

I received the first survey from 99 Days of Freedom today, asking about my experiences for the first third of my time away from Facebook. Through my responses, I realized that I am diving deeper into myself than simply stepping away from the social media site.

I am struggling with some pretty huge life issues right now. I think these contribute to the need I felt to step away from social media for a while, not that they have been caused by it. But anxiety, depression, and issues of self-worth are weighing heavily on me. Health problems, an unsuccessful job search that has been in the works for months, and depleting financial accounts are taking their toll on my psyche. I know that I view myself in a much more negative light than others see me. All of the stories that have been emerging online after Robin Williams’ death have helped me to recognize the level of depression that I’ve been facing. I am hesitant to add another medication to my daily routine, but I think I have no choice but to call my doctor and ask her if I may be a candidate for taking something for my mood disorder.


One thought on “33 Days Into the Experiment

  1. I’ve been successfully medicating both a mood disorder and social anxiety for years and my life would be nearly impossible to enjoy otherwise (I know because a few months ago my pharmacy gave me the newest generic brand of my medication without telling me–two weeks into taking them and feeling painfully miserable and confused, I finally figured out what was wrong with me and switched back to the name brand!). Good for you for taking space away from social media during this time and sticking with it. Although you may not have anticipated the break being helpful in the face of your current struggles, it sounds like you’ve made a good decision. Without seeming too nosey, I look forward to hearing how things work out for you. Best of luck.

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